FD1X4S - Low Voltage DC-Servo

Den nya, fjärde generationens, lågspänningsservo

Där det finns AGV:er finns Kinco servo. Kompakt, hög överlastkapacitet, fältbussar, brett effektområde, isolationsklass F
  • Support pulse, analog control
  • Support encoder signal output, master-slave
  • Support MODBUS, CANopen and EtherCAT communication control.


  • Model: FD114S/124S/134S/144S
  • Power range: 50W-1500W
  • Power supply voltage: DC24V-70V


  • Support pulse, analog control.
  • Support encoder signal output, master-slave.
  • Support MODBUS, CANopen and EtherCAT communication control
  • Low-voltage DC power supply, satisfy with requirements of AGV's power and power supply.
  • New small-Size terminal design, compact size and beautiful appearance.
  • 3 times(for maximum) overload design, increase response speed when AGV start/stops.
  • Over-current, over-heat, over-voltage and motor over-heat protection(I2T), ensure driving system in a safe state.
  • All series products conform with CE verification and ROHS environment verification standard.


  • Logistics robots: Automatic navigation freight robot, multi-shuttle robot, automatic parking robot, etc.
  • Logistics device: Sorting machine, tridmensional warehouse device, etc.
  • Medical device: small size system.
  • Other occasions: High response speed and high positioning precision.

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